Thursday, January 15, 2009


We're back from Phoenix. We had a wonderful time. Here are some highlights and photos.

On Saturday we went to Jerome and Sedona (as described in the previous post). Here are a few more photos from Jerome:

Mary Beth, Tammy and I at the Flat Iron.

I like the sign - "Belgian Jennie's Bordello Bistro & Pizzeria"

Tammy, setting up a shot.

A few from Sedona:

A cathedral built into the mountain.

Sunday we went caught up with two friends (fellow photographers). They drove out to the airport with us to return our rental car and we started talking about taking photos out in the desert. Just as we were pulling in to the airport we decided to keep the rental for another day, drive out to the desert and take some photos. Our friends were even brave enough to model for us. (I don't think those photos are suitable for the blog, but you can check out our london wolfe facebook page.)

And Mary Beth even took one of me:

Monday we attended class after class. The one I enjoyed the most was with photographer Bob Davis. He photographs celebrity weddings (he shot Eva Longoria's wedding). The big event of the day was a speech by Anne Geddes. She was wonderful. She shared stories from her humble beginnings (hoping for a mention of her Christmas special in the local paper, selling her calendars door-to-door, etc), showed behind the scenes photos and clips, and got emotional when discussing her family. Tuesday was the degree-ceremony day. Tammy and I had to be at rehearsals, photos, etc starting at 3:00. The ceremony started at 7:00 and lasted about 2 hours. Every degree recipient goes on stage with their chosen sponsor. Tammy and I sponsored each other, so we needed go on stage to get my degree and then quickly go back stage, get back in line for Tammy's. Well, we were so focused on how to do that, that we never payed attention to what where we should go after Tammy's degree. Wouldn't you know, we got lost back stage. Anne Geddes received a lifetime achievement award and gave another touching speech. I hope to have a photo or two of the degree ceremony in a few days (waiting for people to email them to me... hint... hint...). All in all, we had a fabulous, fun and educational time. It was quite a rude awakening to return home to this frigid weather.

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