Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 2 in Amsterdam

Some photos from day 2 in Amsterdam. (We didn't take the camera around yesterday.)  I love this city. I've come close to getting killed by a bike, but other than that, what a great place... It's quiet, it's pretty, it's relaxed. And what do they feed these people? It's a country of Adonises. 

Cat sitting on a bike outside a bakery.

Go Orange! (We were bummed when Holland lost in the Europe Cup.)

Bikes, bikes and more bikes. And then... some bikes.
Listening to a band in the open air theater.
Tops of houses in the evening.
The view from our hotel window.

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tammy wolfe said...

Great photos! You are making me so jealous. I love all the gates and bridges. Saw your "peeps" last night at the Bar Mitzvah. You were missed. Get your arse home!