Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last night we went out to hear Jazz. So an American and an Israeli-American end up listening to a Finnish band play Latin Jazz in Paris, France. Cool.  Our tickets actually got us into 4 clubs, so we kept hopping back and forth. We went to bed around 2:00 AM. Today we planned on going to the Foundation Cartier - a museum of modern art. We walked through Jardin Luxembourg to get there. Outside the park was a cool photography display. Large photographs hung on the length of the railings.  Unfortunately, when we got to the museum we discovered it was closed. Bummer. We made our way back through Rue Mouffetard - a little street market. We took a river boat to see some of the sights along the Seine.  The plan tonight is to take a walk along the Seine.

Photography display outside Jardin de Luxembourg
On the boat. Notre Dame growing out of Glenn's head.
Notre Dame from the back side.
Row of apartment buildings on Ile St. Louis. Glenn wants an apartment on the other side of the island. OK.
Hotel De Ville (City Hall)
Glenn's favorite bridge - Pont Alexandre III. We hope to see the lights come on tonight. 
Pont Alexandre III

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